To Sally   (11.07.2006)

 That’s her!

I love your nick, dear Sally,
Though I don’t really know
What makes me see an alley,
Whenever you do show

Up some of your ideas
Come mincing down the lane:
Pure wellness to my ears,
Quite contrary to pain.

As a tiny symbol of admirationwith a thick bundle of good wishesfor your new year, dear Karin,from


Harry Potter’s Night Song – Ruminating on Ginny  (03.01.2006)

Simultaneous parody on »Harry Potter« + »Wanderers Nachtlied«

How can I endeavour

To please?

She will forever


What I do feel.

The toughts all awake in my head –

Wish I were dead.

Hard to conceal.


To Crystal          (8.12.2005)



at times.

educated people know when

to follow. A


stal-gazer always does.

as a small

birthday present

with my best






A Question of Taste                   (20.11.2005)

Why do some people never smile when being photographed? –

They hate cheese.


Shocking                                   (14.10.2005)

There once was the son of a bitch

who met with a scandalous witch.

         Imagine his shock:

         She swallowed his cock

instead of making him rich.


Virginity                                                      (09.10.2005)

There was a young virgin of Dover

who helplessly fell for a rover.

            She lost all her shame,

            took part in the “game.”

Virginity soon had come over.


Hurricane Rita

The Yankees pronounce the name “Rita”

the same as the British do "reader.”

            But in cases like this¹,

            the Yankees, they miss,

I’m afraid, a more suitable Leader.

¹ current weather conditons (Sept. 21st, 2005)


The meaning of catryona’s name

carefully composed

and themed all her texts


rustling of wit


on a solid and

natural basis

a valuable gift to her readers                 31.07.2005








John Milton adapted

When I consider my virility spent,

Although I have a world of senses to abide

And in the prime of life my fate must hide,

For I am useless, though my soul more bent

To make my wife quite happy and present

To her the utmost satisfaction, lest she chide.

„Do I have any chance, the premisses denied?”

A fool does ask. But Patience to prevent

That murmur, soon replies: „Who then does need

You truly with those virile gifts; who best

Bear God’s mild yoke, serve mankind best. His state

Is kingly; thousands at his bidding speed

And post o’er land and ocean without rest;

They also serve who understand and wait.


Reflections on Guantanamo Bay

What lower we regard

than low

is something metaphors

can show:

„You question mark,

pissed into snow,

you nauseating horror,

vomited against a wall...”

Those are such metaphors,

by which to call

a man whose arrogance

is so extreme

that only they reflect,

I deem,

to what degree his

arbitrary scheme

despises any human rights.

No wonder, what he thus incites!


(Als kleine Verständnishilfe füge ich diese Übersetzung ins Deutsche hinzu:

 „Was wir als noch niedriger als niedrig ansehen, ist etwas, das Metaphern veranschaulichen können.

„Du in den Schnee gepinkeltes Fragezeichen. Du an die Wand gekotztes Ekel...“,

das sind solche Metaphern für einen Menschen, dessen Überheblichkeit so übersteigert ist, dass nur solcheBilder m. E. wiedergeben, bis zu welchem Grad seine Willkürpolitik alle Menschenrechte mit Füßen tritt. Kein Wunder ist deshalb, was er auf diese Weise entfacht.“)

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